May 2005

Thistlegate House, Charmouth

The first of many projects undertaken on this famous Arts & Crafts house designed by the well know architect Francis William Troup and completed in 1911.

Back door,

February 2005

Stuart Interiors- Norway

Fitting out a banqueting hall carved out of a mountain near Trondheim, Norway.

October 2004

Joinery in Charmouth

August 2004

Annies caravan

Annie’s barrel top gypsey wagon blew over in some heavy gales. We undertook repairs to the Ash superstructure and damaged panels.

June 2004

Elizabethan stairs

A three story spiral staircase constructed from solid triangles of oak tenoned into the central spindle. The treads are elm fixed to the oak.



March 2004

Mikes kitchen

All constructed from reclaimed pine.

October 2003

Oak front doors, North Wales

A pair of oak doors with curved top lights fitted in a 200 year old converted granite stable.

April 2003

First workshop and a move down to Devon

In 2003 we moved down to Devon and moved ito a shared workshop over the border in Dorset. Unfortunatly too small to accomodate any large projects we undertook smaller joinery work for a few years and some prestigious work with Stuart Interiors and Johnney Grey the kitchen designer.

November 2002

Portmeirion restoration projects

Portmeirion in North Wales is the unusual Italian style village constructed by the architect Clough William-Ellis around various salvage items he had collected over the years in. Often featuring in the cult 60’s series ‘The Prisoner’.

In 2000-2001 we were asked by the Portmeirion Trust wether we could preserve some of the Victorian plaster ceilings […]

July 2002

Restoration of a 250 year old Cheshire farmhouse gable end.

Our first large scale restoration of a listed building  required the removal of an entire gable and side wall from the front of the house. Working closely with the conservation department of Cheshire we carried out careful repairs to each member of the structure, preserving all we could and replacing with air-dried oak where […]