Internal aspect on a sunny day

Internal view of fir gable

Kiln dried fir door frame. Before face frame installed

Dougls fir door frame in gable

Stainless steel fixing screws with fir plug covers. Oiled with decking oil

Dry douglas fir face frame fixing detail.

Fir gable with oiled face frame

Complete gable with 4 seasons double glazing

Larch cladding to main frame and 3 sets of douglas fir doors

Extension complete with tiled roof

Detail of complete gable

Temporarily podged up fame

Fir gable layout in workshop

Temporary ridge beam support over house awaing stud wall construction

Erecting the gable with the main ridge beam.

Oak bracing to ridge

Ridge beam and bracing detail

Post/ tie beam joinery with oak bracing

Detail of housed wedged tenon between post and main tie beam.

Framework in which gable is enclosed

Stud timber frame extension

Green douglas fir gable frame. Dry fitted double glazing with kiln dried and oiled douglas fir face frame. Set into a standard stud timber framed and cladded extension. 3 sets of douglas fir doors.