lizard-bw Oak Homes Joinery Ltd

Established in 1997

Following an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery and 14 years working around Britain and Europe I began business as Oak Homes. Our first job was restoring parts of the entrance hall to Portmeirion in North Wales. The bizzare Italian style village built around architectural salvage by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925-1975 which featured as the backdrop to the cult 60’s series ‘The Prisoner’.


Further restoration projects around North Wales took us slowly to the borders and Cheshire where the occurence of heavy timber frame buildings is far higher.  During this period we were also carrying out work for the prestigious joinery company ‘Stuart Interiors‘ helping construct and fit carved oak panelling/ stairs and entire rooms into various castles and listed buildings around the world. Including the Elizabethan manor at Parnham House which , so recently and unfortunately, burnt to the ground. Work was also carried out for the  well known  designer ‘Johnny Grey‘ installing his unusual and beautiful ‘unfitted’ kitchens.


Our first new heavy timber frame building was designed and constructed on the site of a similar barn in 1999 in Cheshire.

My first workshop was opened in Chideock in Dorset. Due to space restrictions the years here were mainly confined to joinery and ‘on site, timber frame repairs.

After a few years building up the business in the local area and  as we began taking on our first apprentices we relocated to an empty barn in Branscombe, East Devon which had the space and potential to construct the larger buildings were aiming at.

From then until the present the workshop has grown and we have constucted many beautiful building as can be seen in the portfolio.